Our Story


We are an innovative food company with a clear vision:

Together we build a brighter future
We inspire people to eat more vegetables

Therefore, we make it easier and more attractive to choose responsibly: with delicious and surprising food products, made of vegetables. 

We achieve this by making delicious and surprising food products with an abundance of vegetables based on recipes from 2-Michelin star chef Moshik Roth. Without unnatural additives for coloring, taste and preservatives. This is how the pure flavor and quality is kept. It tastes better!

What we do

Innovative vegetable based products

Meat replacement products
Unique and delicious vegetable-based meat replacements for retail, food services and restaurant chains. Such as Green asparagus burgers, Tomato and eggplant sausages, Vegetable mince and much more.

Meals and sandwiches
High quality fresh convenience meals and on-the-go sandwiches, based on our meat replacements. Developed in co-creation by chef Moshik, full of vegetables and very delicious.

Innovative vegetable-based meat replacement ingredients, such as pizza toppings, snacks and soup-balls. Suitable for restaurant chains and companies providing the retail and food services market.

Concepts and inspiration
We help our partners innovate their offerings from a culinary perspective. We cooperate with our partners in developing the optimal go to the market strategy and campaigns.

Our solutions

  • High quality recipes and innovations from 2-Michelin star chef
  • Abundance of vegetables, no meat
  • Delicious and affordable
  • Based on natural ingredients
  • Clean Label and GMO free: only natural flavorings, no colors added
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Full of dietary fibres and protein

&samhoud food originated from 2-Michelin star restaurant &moshik, your testing ground for innovations in food and &samhoud food. The restaurant was founded by two-star chef Moshik Roth and entrepreneur Salem Samhoud.