Vegetable mince

Vegetable mince

Winner of the international innovation ' Best New Plant-Based Food award 2018' . This vegetarian mince is a perfect alternative for the 'real' minced meat. It is 100% plant-based, made of 6 types of vegetables (mainly tomatoes) and a great source of dietary fibers and proteins. Use it on a Mexican wrap, an Italian pizza or as a salad topping. 

61% vegetables (20% tomatoes, corn, onion, black beans, kidney beans), free-range egg protein, water, mozzarella cheese, vegetable oil (sunflower, rapeseed), herbs, dietary fiber (oats), flour (wheat), spices, salt, starch (potato). 

Allergy information: For allergens including gluten-containing grains see bold ingredients. 

Made in an environment where peanuts and nuts are also processed. 

Tomeato Vegetable Mince per 100 gram:


940 kJ/225 kcal


11.3 g


4.5 g


13.5 g


4.9 g


13.2 g

Dietary fiber

8.5 g


1.9 g

One portion contains 203 kcal. An adult's reference intake is 8400 kj/2000kcal a day.

in the pan: oil/butter, 4-5 minutes on medium heat and shovel regularly