Vegetable Nuggets

Vegetable Nuggets

The Vegetable Nuggets are made from aubergine, pea and onion. A source of fiber and proteins and without unnatural additives for color, taste or shelf life. Developed by 2-Michelin-star chef Moshik.

43% vegetables (24% aubergine, 12% pea, onion) flour (wheat), mozzarella (cheese), flour (wheat), free-range egg protein, vegetable oil (sunflower, palm, rapeseed), herbs, wheat malt, salt, starch (potato), modified starch (wheat), spices, dextrose, hydrolyzed protein (soya), thickener (methlycellulose)

Allergy information: For allergens including gluten-containing grains see bold ingredients

May contain traces from peanuts and nuts. 

Suitable for vegetarians. 

Vegetable Nuggets per 100 gram:


1184 kJ/284 kcal


16.1 g


4.9 g


21.6 g


2.8 g


11.0 g

Dietary fiber

4.3 g


1.4 g

One Vegetable Nugget contains 61 kcal. An adult's reference intake is 8400 kj/2000kcal a day.


Bake the Vegetable Nuggets in the middle of a preheated oven (200⁰C) for 15 - 17 minutes. Turn halfway.

Air fryer

Fry the Vegetable Nuggets in a preheated air fryer (200⁰C) for 7 minutes. 

Deep fryer

Fry the Vegetable Nuggets in a preheated deep fryer (180⁰C) for 2 minutes.