&samhoud food wins Best New Plant-Based Food Award 2018

 &samhoud food wins Best New Plant-Based Food Award 2018

&samhoud food is the winner of the New Plant-Based Food Award’’ during the Protein Summit 2018 in Lille. The award was given to their innovative “Tomeato mince", a vegetarian minced ‘meat’ made from tomato and vegetables, which has been developed by 2-Michelin starchef Moshik Roth from restaurant &moshik in Amsterdam. 

The Bridge2Food Protein Awards recognizes entrepreneurs and companies that are leading the way in the plant-based and protein industry to increase growth and innovation. The innovative “Tomeato mince" is a vegetarian minced ‘meat’, but unlike similar products, vegetables are used instead of soy. It has a great bite and texture, while receiving its rich flavor from vegetables and natural spices. The Tomeato mince is a rich source of fiber and proteins, and contains no artificial flavor additives, colorants or whatsoever. The other nominees in the same category were Vivera (Veggie steak) and Nestle (vegan fillet pieces).  

Recognition for plant-based innovation 

Judge Greg Bonnefin, Group Director, Newly Weds Foods (Thailand) Ltd said, “This product is a natural tasting, convenient and very simply concept, which is more appetising than many meat snacking options out on the market. &samhoud food brought something different and more aspirational to the category. Adding tomato is a real difference to making a good product, great!”  

The creative brain behind &samhoud food is 2-Michelinstar chef Moshik Roth. “For me vegetables are the common thread in everything I make. With this vegetarian meat I try to make it more attractive to eat more vegetables in a nice and delicious way. I think it’s a huge compliment to receive recognition with this award.”