Picnic expands assortment:

Picnic expands assortment:

Good news for all picnic fans; the fast-growing online supermarket expands the &samhoud food assortment with the vegetable cheese soufflé. A nod to the famous cheese soufflé, where there is a ‘vegetable advantage’ in the dough, which is made on the basis of cauliflower.


Nice and natural!

The vegetable cheese soufflé was developed by 2-Michelin star chef Moshik Roth and -  like all other products of &samhoud food- it does not contain unnatural additions for color, taste or shelf life. In addition, the soufflé is a source of fiber and proteins. You prepare it in the air fryer or oven for an extra crunchy bite, but it can also be put in the pan or even in a frying pan.


Nieuw jasje

The introduction runs together with the renewed packaging of &samhoud food. Beautiful, fresh packaging that is 100% recycled material. This way we make the world a little bit better together. 


The vegetable cheese soufflé can be found next to the Asparagus Burger, Tomeato Burger, Broccoliburger and Groentefrikandel mini’s in the Picnic assortment in the neighbourhood of Diemen, Nijkerk, Utrecht and Eindhoven.